Speakers Trust for ncs 2021

We want to give young people on the NCS programme the skills and opportunity to be heard. This year we are offering NCS participants the opportunity to join us to on a journey to speak out and make change.

We know that times are uncertain and so we we don't require any deposit and there are zero cancellation or rescheduling fees.

We have two options for training this year as well as free access to our online learning platform with any workshop booking! Scroll down to learn more about the workshops and contact us to book your workshops, ask us a question or just have a chat!

Communication Skills Training
We have delivered our training to over 100,000 young people on the NCS programme and we are excited that we can still offer our in person training or deliver the same great workshop online via Zoom, Google Meets or Teams.

In our fun, interactive workshop we build young people's confidence and teach them how to become effective public speakers. Our workshop also develops critical thinking skills and resilience through trying something for the first time.

We maximize the opportunity for all participants to speak through the day, which culminates in every young person giving a three-minute speech on a subject they have chosen. For many, this is their first chance to speak publicly about an issue that they care about.

Participants finish the day as as confident speakers with a better understanding of their peers and feeling ready to speak out for social change in their community.

Train the Trainer
A highly experienced Speakers Trust professional trainer will deliver a full day of training for NCS staff. The workshop will improve the participants own communication skills as well as teaching them how to deliver our content to the young people taking part on NCS.

Our trainer will take staff through the exercises and activities we use to build the confidence and communications skills of young people so that they can go on to train waves of young confident speakers.

The Platform
We have created a completely free online platform specifically for NCS participants (usually £5 per person) who have taken part in our training. Following our workshop young people can take themselves through a series of models to become a powerful, confident speaker reminding them of all the skills they learned on the programme.

The Platform will provide live public speaking webinars, resources, videos and the opportunity for participants to film themselves and upload their video to our public site. Their opinion will be heard by the public, decision makers and their peers adding to the ONE MILLION views we already have on YouTube. These videos can be also be used as evidence for their Skills Builder Passport.


We are an impact driven charity and believe in measuring the outcomes of a programme to judge its success. We can tailor the impact we measure, to ensure we are capturing the outcomes we would all like to understand. We can measure everything from ‘confidence in public speaking’ to ‘likelihood of engaging in further social action’. Speakers Trust would agree these in advance to ensure that project outcomes are achieved.

Our work changes lives and we want to ensure we achieve these outcomes for all young people who go through our programme. Our impact dashboard which is displayed on our website and updated (almost) live, helps us and our funders keep track of the progress of our project as well ensuring complete transparency. In addition to real time project progress and outcomes we use qualitative approaches to add richness and insight to the impact data that we collect.

To find out more or book your workshops just complete the form below or give us a call on
0207 073 2614

We know that times are uncertain and so we we don't require any deposit and there are zero cancellation or rescheduling fees.

Our prices depend on the length of the workshop, the number of workshops booked and the number of waves we can work with in the same day. The prices below are a rough estimate of our 2021 prices, but get in touch to discuss your programme, our availability and discounts available.

Workshop Number of Participants Length of WorkshopDelivery modeCost
Communication SkillsUp to 75 young people4 hoursOnline or in personFrom £5 per participant
Trainer the Trainer Up to 10 members of staffFull day Online or in personTrainer your team members from £60 per person

Speakers Trust

Speakers Trust is a charity dedicated to training young people to become more effective communicators and to provide opportunities for them to share their perspectives in public.
Established for 15 years we bring the benefit of confident communication to targeted groups in state schools, focusing on some of the most deprived areas in the country.

Speakers Trust now works in one in every five state secondary schools, primarily across London, the South and the Midlands. We also work with youth organisations across the country including Girlguiding, Young Women's Trust & Catch 22.

We help everyone who takes part in our training to become better communicators, with a greater awareness of the importance of speaking out. This improves education and employment prospects as well as the desire to use the power of their voice to bring positive change. Once participants see that they can overcome their fear of public speaking and use
their voice to effect change, they are empowered to achieve across a range of areas, with benefits spreading to the school, home and workplace, enabling social mobility.

Our programmes are recognised for excellence, by participants, by
teachers and most recently by the Department for Education which featured our programmes in its guidance to schools on Character Education.